Presencing in Practice

Over the last few years I’ve been heavily inspired by work out of the Presencing Institute and by the concept of presencing itself. The term presencing refers to a process of becoming present and it implies a way of encountering the present from the potential of the future. It is


On Sutra

Truly transformative learning often happens offline, in person, and in small groups.  People have an opportunity to spend time together in community and experience new ways of being together.  The idea behind Sutra revolves around delivering this kind of experience online. Our work emphasizes dialogue based experiences that involve deep


On Co-Creation

When I was a child co-creation meant playing cops and robbers in the front yard.  In my teens co-creation happened through deep existential conversations. In my late twenties it meant participating in the creativity of Burning Man.  Now well into my thirties, I’m asking myself what is co-creation and where


Learning and Collaboration

The heart of Sutra is small group interaction. Our emphasis is on improving the quality of interaction and relationship between people involved in any collaborative endeavor. We focus on learning because learning gives us opportunity to practice new ways of being – deeper levels of listening, dialog, and co-creation. Learning


Community is Dead. Long Live Community.

This is an essay about online learning, the future of work, and building community. It is about learning together, collaborating with the people that we learn with, and cultivating real community through co-creative relationships. And it is about Sutra, an open source software project that supports the integration of these


Community and collaboration

Over the last few years I’ve been thinking a lot about how to connect people in deeper and more meaningful ways. A lot of my thinking has revolved around the role of community in that function. I think people have (at least) two essential needs: a need for love and

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