The System: Self Show,

Holding Space

I was a pretty obnoxious kid in high school.  Purple hair, lots of piercings, prone to making trouble.  I remember having a debate with my English teacher about Shakespeare, challenging her on the meaning behind certain passages we were studying.  I just didn’t understand where she was getting all this

The System: Self Show,

Bless You

How often do we consider the true significance of our words? Every time a person sneezes, someone will inevitably say, “bless you”. But what does this mean? Recently, I shared with a friend that when I walk by a person asking for money, I often respond with a blessing. His

The System: Self Show,

Overcoming Resistance

Resistance is familiar to anyone who has pursued a creative endeavor.  It is that comforting force of distraction in the face of a meaningful task.  It’s calling friends, surfing the web, researching something random, browsing Amazon, and day dreaming when you know you should be doing something else. In The

The System: Self Show,


Early in my entrepreneurial career, I was selling real estate rentals in the Boston area.  After two months on the job I was failing miserably and almost ready to quit.  My working strategy was to churn through as many prospects as I could, always moving on to the next client.

The System: Self Show,

How to Fail Your Way to Success

Gurdjieff, the early 20th century mystic, teaches that human beings develop along two trajectories, that of being and knowledge.  Developing along just one line without the other leaves a person one-dimensional and limited.  And it is often through the very struggle of adversity that being is developed.  Everybody fails at

The System: Self Show,

Chaos and Creativity

Esoteric teachings often emphasize hardship as a necessary ingredient for transformation. A person might walk through life blindly until some crisis shakes their worldview. The crisis becomes a catalyst for some profound change. This can happen individually and collectively. A natural disaster or large scale act of violence will suddenly

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