Gaea Logan – On Courageous Conversation

I often have a hard time concentrating in a cluttered environment. Somehow the disorganization of my space reflects itself in the state of my mind.  The dynamic flows both ways.  The very act of organizing my space tends to focus the mind.

In some ways this quality of symbiosis is reflected in interpersonal interaction.  Two or more people absorb and reflect each other’s state of being.  Deep listening is both an outward function towards the speaker and an inward function observing self as reflection of other.  In my own practice, I have been learning to navigate this fine line with attentiveness and a curiosity towards the very subjective nature of my experience.  My next conversation continues to unfold the vast depths of this domain.

This week I explore group process and deep listening with Gaea Logan.  Her integrative trauma work sits at the intersection of neurobiology, contemporary psychoanalytic psychology, somatic awareness and Buddhist meditation practice. For over 35 years, she has worked as a clinical consultant on the frontlines of trauma bringing group trauma training to wounded communities in both international and domestic settings. Her model, Contemplative Based Trauma and Resiliency Training, has been adapted for implementation in the UN Peace-Keeping Missions throughout the Middle East and in refugee settlements in Africa.  She is founder and executive director of the International Center for Mental Health and Human Rights. She is also the creator of one of our most popular courses on Sutra, the Portable Calm, a mindfulness awareness program for professionals working with trauma.

Our dialogue explores group experience as a three fold process occurring inter-psychically, inter-personally, and as a whole.  Gaea speaks about courage in conversation and the group as sacred space. She shares a simple exercise that she uses to teach listening and we briefly touch upon why listening offers a path towards healing and wholeness.

Gaea offers a lifetime of practical insight into contemplative and compassionate listening and it was a true joy exploring this subject with her. Please enjoy our conversation.

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