A New Podcast on Community and Co-Creation

Over the last three years I have endeavored to bring people together online in deeply human ways.  The origins of this work started in 2011, through a sort of personal epiphany.  At the time, I felt a deep call to bring more love and peace into the world through my particular domain of work – internet technology.

The years since have been a journey of trial and error, deconstruction and reconstruction, iteratively approaching an understanding of how authentic community and connection work online.  Out of this work, Sutra has emerged as a kind of co-creative utility designed for community, collaboration, and learning.

As this work continues to crystallize, I am realizing that this is just the beginning.  There has never been a greater need for presence in the world.  Not just presence with ourselves.  But presence with each other and particularly presence with ourselves when we are with each other.

Examining how to practice interpersonal presence and give people direct experience of collective connection has been a central focus of our effort.  We have worked with organizations, educators, and individuals who have been willing to experiment, fail, and succeed together in learning how to build genuine community based on dialogue and deep listening.

Every community and course we have worked with has taught us something new about how people experience empathy and connection.  Through each experience we have tried to distill best practices and create features that support safe spaces for online interaction.

To me, quality of interaction is the foundation of co-creation.  Unlike collaboration, which is a function of sharing knowledge and resources, co-creation is a function of the quality of presence that people share and the knowledge and resources that emerge out of that interaction.  Our aspiration is to build software that facilitates co-creative interaction across many domains of human endeavor.

Every day this work unfolds in new ways.  There is so much to learn and much of this wisdom is located in the vast untapped reservoir of collective intelligence.  To that end, I am launching a podcast featuring interviews with leading experts and inspiring humans involved in the heart of community and co-creation.  Each week, we’ll explore themes related to community building, practical presencing, deep listening, dialogue, and emotional intelligence.  We will deconstruct the understanding of my guests to help you create your own higher quality co-creative interactions.

This is an ongoing exploration and co-creation.  I invite you to participate as you feel called to.  Sign up for our newsletter to receive email updates on each new episode.  The first podcast interview will be sent out next Tuesday, May 1st.

If you wish to learn more about our work, please reach out to us.  You can also read about Sutra here and here.

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